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Tableau / SQL Server Dashboard Auditing

After designing a set of dashboards, a Top 500 FCPG manufacturer needed our help to:

  • Assess the right Calculations were used in the metrics monitored

  • Audit Data Sources (SQL Server 2014 based) to ensure Data Quality

  • Validate Visualization Best Practices were used in Tableau dashboard design

Excel Static Reports conversion into Tableau

Our Customer, leader in Ontario's Entertainment industry, had a set of reports produced and distributed to a list of recipients on a weekly basis. We helped the customer by:

  • Eliciting and consolidating information needs to eliminate redundant reports

  • Designing End-to-End new dashboards and their data sources in Tableau

  • Documenting the new capability and transferring knowledge to the in-house Development Team.

Tableau Analysts training and work-out

A large manufacturer with a full-fledged Tableau Server infrastructure had to train its Analysts base so they can build their own dashboards and analyze Sales and Supply Chain information side-by-side with Retail chains customers. We helped the manufacturer by:

  • Designing ad-hoc Tableau material training

  • Preparing exercises based on company's realistic data sets and Nielsen POS data

  • Delivering training sessions and having virtual meetings to solidify learning by completing off-session exercises and design scenarios.

Excel Power-suite advanced training

An Ontario Government Ministry needed to train a group of analysts in using Excel advanced features and the new Power-tools suite. We helped the customer by:

  • Tailoring and Delivering training sessions based on customer's datasets and reports

  • Introducing attendees to Data Modelling in Power Pivot and Power Query

  • Building attendee's skills to create PowerView dashboards and reports

  • Introducing PowerBI and helping leverage Power Query/View Data models.

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